Monday, May 15, 2017

Great Memories Captured on Film by J.Q. Rose

Great Memories Captured on Film by J.Q. Rose

My Mom in 1958

Yesterday, Sunday, May 14, in the US we celebrated Mother's Day. The photo is of my mother sitting and resting on a wall of limestone. She, my Aunt Elizabeth, and I toured Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois. Needless to say, after walking up all the steps to the top of Starved Rock, we were very warm and very tired. Do you remember these old photos that always had the date stamped on each one? My Aunt Elizabeth took the photo with her Brownie camera.
Brownie Camera

I remember my aunt flipping up the top and peering down into the little square glass, sometimes shading it so she could better see to take the picture of the scene. She was always taking pictures.

But of course, the pictures had to be developed from the film. I never took many pictures because the film was expensive and many times when developed, there were only a few good ones. No digital photos that are free to take and easy to delete with no regrets.

How about those amazing Polaroid cameras that developed the photos right inside the camera. Pure magic to me. Do you remember the smell of those developed photos? How would you describe it?

Now with digital cameras, I am a picture-taking nut. I love photography. Not exactly an artist with it, but so much fun to capture simple every day scenes as well as big events.I just wonder if in the future, my kids and family will take time to open a digital file and look through those images of long ago. Not like I had to do when my mom passed away. I sifted through boxes and boxes of old photos and spent a wonderful time remembering those good old days with her and all the people on the developed film.


Miss Mae said...

I apologize for not commenting before, Janet, but this (May 15) was the day my brother passed away, so I've been out of sorts.

But I love this post! I don't call a Brownie camera, but I do remember others talking of them. And, yes, we had that Polaroid...the"swinger", do you remember that one? Where you wait for it to develop, and then peel the photo off the film?

Otherwise, you always had a camera where you needed to drop the film off at the shop and wait for about a week for it to be developed.

I still prefer those kinds where you hold the image in your hand, a physical photo, just like I prefer a real physical book to hold in my hand as opposed to an ebook. Just like to "feel" them, ya know.

Lovely photo of your Mom, and thanks so much for the memory. :)

Lady Vintage said...

It is amazing at how photography has evolved! We still have a couple of 35 mm cameras laying around, as we've moved on to the digital ones. Thanks for sharing your mom's picture! Enjoyed your memory!