Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gilmore Car Museum Spurs Great Memories

Gilmore Car Museum Spurs Great Memories by J.Q. Rose

The beginning of the car industry in the USA.
Do you wanna reminisce? Then take a trip to the Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, Michigan, near Kalamazoo. What an adventure into the history of cars! We were there for the third time this past weekend. I never tire of it. Visitors now enter through the new heritage center which connects to the old restored barns housing all the historic vehicles. From Ford's model T's, Checker cabs (made in Kalamazoo), Franklin air-cooled cars, muscle cars, classics, racing cars, and more. 
Vintage camper, basically the same floor plan as in travel trailers of today minus the wood burning stove!
So many captains in the industry are profiled I wish I could remember them all. Did you know the Dodge Brothers who founded the Dodge Company were "real hellions?" Henry Ford failed in his first two attempts to build cars? Henry Ford burned all the scraps of wood from car making and collected the charcoal for sale as the Kingsford Charcoal Company? Electric cars were popular with women at the turn of the 20th century? Kalamazoo is known as the "other motor city?"
Gorgeous muscle cars on display bring back lots of memories and fun times.

Not only the mechanics of the car are on display, but also the pure beauty of design. Cars are works of art. Go visit if you get a chance and you too will learn to appreciate the automobile even more.

The vehicles are housed in these original old time barns brought in from around the local countryside.
The old gas station really takes us back to the good ole days. Our grandsons loved the bell that rang when a car drove over the cable strung on the concrete pavement.
1966 Mustang
The production Mustang was shown to the public for the first time inside the Ford Pavilion at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964 — two months and nine days after the Beatles first came to New York to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. It went on sale at Ford dealers that same day.

Ford Mustang History - Edmunds.com


Ford Edsel manufactured only from 1958-1960, a dismal failure for the Ford Motor Company.

So what car did you love way back then? What was your first car?
If you'd like to see more of our trip to the Gilmore Car Museum, click here to view myYoutube video.


Miss Mae said...

Wow, fantastic, fun post! Loved the photos of old cars and the filling station. How well I remember when they were "filling" stations and oh yes, the ding of the bell as you drove into the lot.

I really like the pic of that RV. But a stove? Ouch, don't envision how well that worked! LOL

I watched your video at YouTube. Well done! :)

Thanks for the look and "ride" back into the past!

Patricia said...

My favorite is the beautiful old barn. Wow.

Diane Craver said...

Great post! I love the cars and especially love the old gas station.

Lady Vintage said...

I love looking at old cars too but especially the old filling stations! I have maps of when my grandpa would pick up & kept. Some have the advertisement of Sinclair stations! ;)

J Q Rose said...

Thank you, MM. It was a shock to see a woodburning stove in the campers. So simple but comfy accommodations. Glad you enjoyed the video and this post.

J Q Rose said...

Patricia, the barns on the property are gorgeous. They each have their own history. Great settings to house old cars for sure.

J Q Rose said...

Hi Diane, that old gas station was a hit with our grandsons 16 and 12. I learned a lot too. They had an oil filling pump to pump oil into glass bottles. I guess those bottles are the collectors' prize.

J Q Rose said...

Lady Vintage, our grandsons had no idea attendants would come out and check the oil, fill up the vehicle, wash the windows. Now it's all self service. Just plug your credit card in to pay. No human touch at all.

Laurean Brooks said...

I enjoy old photos and reminscing about the old days. The Mustang brings back memories. A classmate dated a boy who owned a brand new red convertible '66 Mustang. It was a beaut.

The old car that I've seen which impressed me the most was the truck the Beverly Hillbillies drove. It is now in the Museum of The Ozarks outside of Branson, MO.

It still has the pots and pan, and tools hanging on the sides.

ThanKs for the "Blast From the Past." I enjoyed strolling down memory lane.